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Sunset leaving Cape CanaveralSteaming into St. ThomasSteaming into St. ThomasOn the dock in St. ThomasThe dock in St. ThomasLots of iguanas lounging on the dock at St. ThomasIguana on the dock at St. ThomasOur ship docked in St. ThomasHeading out for mischief in St. ThomasView of St. Thomas from the shipLunch in St. ThomasLunch in St. ThomasA ship parked next to ours in St. ThomasMore iguanas in St. ThomasThis guy was kind of a hamAnother iguana profileHere we are on the dock in St. ThomasAnother shot on the dock in St. ThomasWe were treated to a magnificent sunset leaving St. ThomasHeading out of St. Thomas

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